When should Announcements be used?

  • For official, time-sensitive information that needs to be communicated to the entire class or sections
  • Messages that do not necessarily require a response
  • e.g. assignment submission reminder or lecture cancellation
  • Tip: disable comments on announcements in your course Settings to prevent students from replying to Announcement posts

When should Inbox Conversations be used?

  • For lengthier messages that need to be exchanged between teachers and students
  • Private or sensitive information directed at an individual or selective number of students
  • e.g. prompts for late assignment submissions or follow-up on students’ learning progress
  • Tip: you can reply to an Inbox/ Conversation message directly from the notification email

Note: both Announcement posts and Inbox Conversation messages are sent as notification emails to the recipients’ UoA mailbox.

When should Chat be used?

  • For real-time interaction between teachers and students
  • e.g. virtual office hours. scheduled Q & A sessions about upcoming assessments
  • Tip: post an announcement as a reminder prior to starting a Chat