Apps & Tools

Integrated Tools for Teachers

Canvas integrates with some of our existing learning tools, including Turnitin, Talis and Piazza.


The University of Auckland uses Turnitin to maintain academic integrity and detect/avoid plagiarism by students or staff. Turnitin is an external application, integrated into the Canvas interface. To enable the Turnitin application in Canvas, the teacher will need a Turnitin account, and then to enable Turnitin by following the steps in the image below.


Talis reading lists enable teaching staff to create and manage online course reading lists which comply with copyright and are easily accessible to students within Canvas. Access a comprehensive set of links to Talis related info including an FAQs and detailed summary of copyright protocol here.



Piazza is an external application that can be integrated into the Canvas Interface. This application supplements the option of group editing and collaboration of projects with anonymous group discussions and provides a platform for community-edited questions and answers. Teachers can keep track of class progress through the communication and Q&A features.  In addition it also provides a space for encouraging class participation with the aid of highly customisable polls and other features.

Final Grading Tool

The Final Grading Tool is embedded within Canvas and will provide teachers with the ability to add special grades and to submit final grades to SSO (also known as CS9). Our Facilitators are contacting staff teaching in summer school to arrange one-on-one sessions on the new Final Grading Tool. In the meantime it can be found above your gradebook, click the button labelled “Prepare Grades for SSO. A guide for teachers on how to submit final grades in Canvas is available here.

Course Roster

The Course Roster provides more student information to assist staff with teaching including student photos, ID numbers and Usernames. The roster is visible on screen and can also be exported for staff to be able to  print, save, and create a PDF.  It has been built in response to requests from early adopters for more student information and can be found under ‘Course Roster’ in your Course Navigation bar.


YouTube is an external app, which can be integrated into the Canvas Interface. This enables staff to search for publicly available videos, and embed videos into their course content. Students can also link youtube videos in chat/discusscions and collaborations, enabling them to share up-to-date information with their teachers and peers.


Quizlet is an external application that allows teachers to embed flashcards and quiz question sets within their content. This allow this teachers to explore a variety of teaching methods, such study games to help students learn in more innovative ways. Find out more about Quizlet and how it could support your teaching here.


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  • Google Drive
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