Canvas Newsletter 40

In this newsletter:
Final grades submission process
Turnitin Feedback Studio
Canvas Doc Viewer
Deleting items from the Canvas calendar
Course roles vs Canvas roles
Canvas monthly meeting (all welcome)
Feature ideas open for voting
Accordion widgets in Canvas pages

Canvas Newsletter 39

In this newsletter:
Upcoming changes to tool for viewing and annotating documents in Canvas
Canvas monthly meeting
Redesign your course
University of Auckland Canvas website and newsletter
UoA Ed Tech Hub feature – Use Canvas Conferences to set up group online tutorials anytime, anywhere

Canvas Newsletter 38

In this newsletter:
The Canvas website ( is changing. Have your say!
Slowness/pages timing out in Canvas on 17 May
Final grades submission: check your assignments and assignment groups
Next monthly meeting on 2 June, Grades displaying incorrectly when importing a .csv file
Developing content for 2018 courses

Canvas Newsletter 37

In this newsletter:
Google Chrome – Our recommended browser
Redirect Tool
Canvas documentation course
UoA Ed Tech Hub feature – Using rubrics to mark student work within Canvas
New Canvas feature releases

Canvas Newsletter 36

In this newsletter:
Official versus “dummy” courses in Canvas
Restricted file types for online assignment submissions
Email account associated with Canvas
Descriptive assignment names for improved Calendar usability
UoA Ed Tech Hub feature – Canvas Quizzes for improved attendance, monitoring and engagement