Your final grades pre-submission checklist

by | Jun 30, 2017 | Canvas tips, Marking and grading

Things to do before you enter the Final Grades Tool

In course settings:

  • Tick “hide totals in the student grade summary” in course setting  > more options. This can help avoid confusion between a provisional Total grade students see in Canvas and the final grade in SSO.
  • Ensure you have set a grading scheme.

In assignments:

  • Check that the appropriate weightings and points are applied to each assignment group and assignment.

In grades:

  • Check marks for accuracy if they have been uploaded from external sources like QuestionMark or imported from CSV files.
  • Ensure there are no blank or empty columns.

Remember – Special grades such as DNS, DNC or NA cannot be applied at this point (they can be entered in the Final Grades Tool). Instead:

  • Do not excuse students from final exams; either enter the actual mark they received or leave it blank.
  • For unsubmitted assignmentsIf a student did not submit an assignment, you have the option to leave a dash or hyphen (-) in the gradebook. In this case you have to use “Treat Ungraded as Zero” view-only function to view the student Total score. Alternatively, by giving the student a zero (recommended), the students’ Total in Canvas will match the grade to be sent to the Final Grades Tool.

Read more about final grades in Marking and Grading: Final Grades Tool.