Successful video assignments: A guide for you and your students

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Assignments and quizzes, Course design and development

Video assignments by Lyn Collie (University of Auckland Business School) is a guide designed to assist staff and students to run and complete successful video assessments.

The guide is presented as a Canvas course, available on Canvas Commons. It contains a module for staff on designing a successful assignment and a series of modules that support video production.

The production modules are designed as stand-alone resources that can be added to any University of Auckland Canvas course, so students can access them while they’re completing a video assignment.

Access the video assignments guide

Video assignments is available on Canvas Commons. You can choose to download individual modules into an official course you’re teaching, or create a dummy (unpublished) course and download the whole course.

  1. Log in to Canvas (
  2. Select the Commons tab in the global left-hand navigation menu.
  3. Search for the guide and click through to your preferred resource. Recommended search terms: “Video assignments” for the full course; “UoA video assignment module” for the modules; or, “Lyn Collie” for all resources.
  4. From the resource page, in the Import into Canvas pane, tick your desired destination course and select the Import into course button.