How do I test features in Canvas without affecting students?

by | Sep 25, 2017 | Canvas tips, Canvas updates

To do testing in Canvas without impacting students you can use the Canvas test environment. Students cannot access the test environment without a staff access.

The test environment is a copy of the Canvas production environment that can be used for testing ideas, workarounds, and using different features without affecting your official course. The colour of these two environments are different to help differentiating between them. Production is the normal blue, whole test is bright pink.

It is important to note that the test environment is refreshed every three weeks. This means that the test environment could look different or have extra features turned on with the refresh. It also means that any testing done will be reset to what is on the production environment on the refresh date. Because of that you need to copy your ideas over to the production environment course before the 3-week refresh if you would like to have them implemented.

To access the test environment go to

To log onto the test environment, you will need a test password. To arrange one you can either go to the test password reset page and follow the instructions on the page or you can call Staff Service Centre on extension 86000.