Selecting multiple entries in online submission assignments

by | Oct 17, 2017 | Assignments and quizzes, Canvas tips, Canvas updates

Online submission assignments allow students to upload and submit their assignments through Canvas. Up to four online entry options can be selected when you choose ‘Submission type > Online submission.’ Students can only submit their assignment using one of the options at a time. If submissions have been added using multiple options at the same time, Canvas will only accept the one that is open when the student clicks ‘Submit.’ To upload additional submissions, students can select ‘Re-submit.’  To view all the submissions a student has made to the assignment, click the speech-bubble icon in the gradebook column.

Alternatively, to allow multiple online submissions as a single upload:

1. Select file uploads option. Students can upload multiple files and file types as their assignment submission. Not recommended for large media files.

2. Select website URL option. Students use their UoA Google Drive and create a folder with all their assignment files. A URL link to their Google Drive folder can be entered as submission.

3. Create the same number of online submission assignments as the number of different file types students are required to submit. For example, one assignment for document submission and another for the media file. Ensure the assignments are organised into one assignment group with the correct points and weighting.

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