How do students access their groups?

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Canvas tips, Canvas updates, Communication and collaboration

When students are enrolled into groups in Canvas, they are notified of their group membership via their student email. To access their group space, students can navigate to the groups link in their global navigation, then click on the group name. If you require students to self-sign up for their groups, ensure the People link is enabled in the course navigation.

To encourage students to participate in group activities, post an announcement letting the students know they have been enrolled into groups. Explain how they can access and use the group spaces. You can insert links to the student guide in the Canvas Community, for example: How do I view my Canvas groups as a student?

If students are required to self-sign-up, post an announcement as a reminder. For easier access, provide a direct link to People.

Make sure the group names are meaningful and identifiable. If you want to name the groups something generic such as ‘Group X,’ include the course title in the group names – i.e. STATS XXX Group X.

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