Canvas roles – what is the difference between course ‘Course Coordinator’ and Canvas “Course Coordinator’?

by | Nov 6, 2017 | Canvas tips, Canvas updates, Course types and access

At the University of Auckland, most courses have a Course Director, a Course Coordinator and teaching staff. These roles do not always match the roles in Canvas. Canvas roles include:

  • Course Coordinator – can only add and remove people from the Canvas course, but cannot edit course content. If the staff does not need to provide or remove access to a Canvas course, even if they have the course role of Course Coordinator, they do not need this Canvas role.
  • Teacher – has all course-level permissions, including the ability to add, edit and delete all content in a course and edit course settings. Teachers cannot add or remove people from a Canvas course. If the teaching staff needs to add and/or remove people from a Canvas course, they need to have two Canvas roles: Teacher and Course Coordinator.
  • Course Director – has the same access and permissions as the Teacher. Course Directors cannot add or remove people from the Canvas course. If the Course Director needs to be able to add and/or remove people from the Canvas course, they need to have two Canvas roles: Course Director and Course Coordinator.
  • TA – can create and moderate discussions and collaborations, view course content and the gradebook and edit grades, but cannot create or edit any other course content, nor manage assignments.

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