Using moderated grading in assignments

by | Nov 9, 2017 | Assignments and quizzes, Canvas tips, Canvas updates, Marking and grading

Moderated grading in Canvas allows Teachers, Teaching Support or TAs to enter provisional grades and comments for an assignment. One teaching staff needs to be set up as the moderator to review and select which version of the grades and comments will be the actual grade for that assignment.

It is important that you not only tick the box ‘Moderated grading’, but complete the setup process. Once there are any assignment submissions, you will be unable to change or disable moderated grading.

We recommend that you read the Canvas Community guides about moderated grading carefully before enabling the feature for an assignment:

Please contact Staff Service Centre (SSC), if:

  • Moderated grading has been enabled for an assignment with submissions, and you do not wish to use the feature, or
  • There is a message that submissions have already received a grade in Speedgrader, or
  • Moderated grading has been enabled for a Turnitin LTI assignment.