Do you need your course to be cross-listed?

by | Dec 11, 2017 | Canvas updates, Course types and access, Get started with Canvas

At the University of Auckland, cross-listed courses can be created when courses have the same content but different course codes, or, a course is a full-year course that has two course codes in Student Services Online (SSO).

Non-G/G courses are created in Canvas automatically, as they are setup as one course in SSO. All other courses need to be requested to be cross-listed.

If you would like to have your courses cross-listed, please send a request to Staff Service Center. In the request you should state which courses are to be cross-listed and which course will be the parent course: the course where you will create content for students to access and via which you will submit the grades for both courses.

Please note: The deadline to request courses to be cross-listed is two weeks into the semester. For full year courses, the deadline is two weeks into semester one.

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