Canvas monthly meeting – February notes

by | Feb 2, 2018 | Canvas updates, News and events

Discussion points in the February Canvas monthly meeting:

  • CS9, Canvas integration issue – this issue was resolved within 2 working days. It largely effected students’ class swaps.
  • Course Access (1) – we have received requests to add staff into concluded courses. All Semester Two 2017 courses have been extended 6 months from the semester end date. Course Coordinators in Semester Two courses can add staff into these courses without provision.
  • Course Access (2) – there was change in how course access requests are handled for 2018. Faculty Admins and Course Access Authorisers designated 2 Course Coordinators for each course, until Dec 02 2017. After this date, any course-level staff user was to be added by the Course Coordinator or the Faculty Admin. We are open to feedback for the new process.
  • Teacher vs, Course Coordinator role – there continues to be confusion between the two roles. To add or modify course content, staff need to be a Teacher or Teacher Support in the course. Only Teachers are eligible for SET evaluations.
  • Course Import/ Export – when migrating content from one course to the other, we recommend exporting the content of the past course first, then importing this export package into the new course. When selecting specific content, exclude announcements, Turnitin assignments, reading lists, calendar events, Canvas discussions or Piazza. This information is communicated during the in-person Canvas training sessions, and via the Canvas@UoA site.
  • Roll Call update – the Roll Call feature has been updated. ITS Innovation Services team is currently testing for usability and security levels. At this stage, the feature will need further updates before it is appropriate for the University’s adoption.
  • Student Visa drops – when students do not meet the visa requirements, they are made inactive in their Canvas courses. ITS Innovation Services team has been following up with the International Office to ensure that the process is communicated to Faculties.
  • Monthly Canvas Meetings – venue for the next monthly meeting to be confirmed. Information about the meetings are available in Canvas@UoA site/ newsletter. You can now attend the meeting via Zoom. Any feedback will be appreciated.
  • ITS L&T Innovation Services Op –  we discussed the team’s roadmap for 2018.
  • L&T Canvas Facilitators –  the team has joined Libraries and Learning Services. Canvas support and training will continue. Canvas training workshops are now available in Career Tools/ POD. The next workshops will run on Feb 12 Monday 10am and Feb 22 Wednesday 2.30pm.
  • MCCs (non-standard courses) –  the process for MCC requests have changed. Faculties are now responsible for authorising requests. Information about the process will be available in the Canvas@UoA site, under ‘Resources.’