Course resources – where to house them?

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Canvas tips, Canvas updates, Course design and development

We highly recommend course resources to be added and shared with the students in Modules. Why? Modules help organise, sequence and give structure to your course in Canvas.

Think of the feature as a content holder where all resources will be housed in. Modules can mimic your course syllabus and/ or follow the reading list.

Each module should contain pages, files and links that are associated with the given topic. Using and designing modules in a clear, logical manner will benefit your students’ Canvas learning environment.

While using Files might seem easier or more instinctive, it is tricky to create and organise folders for course resources. The unfortunate result may be a cluttered cacophony of unrelated folders and files.

Your students will find their way around your lecture, tutorial or other course materials far easier in Modules.

An example of how modules can be organised in a Canvas course.


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