Canvas system roles training

by | Mar 26, 2018 | Canvas tips, Canvas updates, News and events

Do you have a System Role in Canvas within your Faculty, School or discipline?

This workshop will help you become familiar with the key functionalities in System roles (Faculty Admin, Reviewer, Monitor).

By the end of the session, you will have learned:

  • How to find courses in your sub-account without having direct access
  • Viewing enrolments and page views for staff and students in your sub-account
  • Viewing Sub-account analytics
  • Setting up Faculty/Department/School level Outcomes
  • Setting up Faculty/Department/School level Rubrics
  • Setting up Faculty/Department/School level Grading Schemes
  • Setting up Faculty/Department/School level Question Banks
  • Reports and how they can be used
  • Canvas Community

There will be TWO sessions offered during the mid-semester break:

  • Tue 28 August 10am – 12pm | KEIC CTR 315-433
  • Thu 30 August 1pm – 3pm | KEIC CTR 315-433

Open to all staff with Faculty Admin, Reviewer, Monitor roles in Canvas and/ or staff who administratively support Canvas courses within their area.

To confirm your attendance, please email Sophie An at

For general Canvas queries, please contact Staff Service via