Organising students into groups in Canvas

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Canvas tips

Using groups in Canvas is a great way of organising students into cohorts outside of the enrolled Lecture/ Tutorial/ Lab sections. There are different options for creating groups:

  • Allow self-sign up in a defined number of groups
  • Automatically assign students to a defined number of groups
  • Manually create groups and randomly assign students
  • Manually create groups and manually assign students

For students to be organised into groups within the same section, either enable Canvas to automatically allocate the students or manually create the groups by selecting and dragging students one by one. Requiring group members to be in the same section in self-sign up groups will NOT work as most courses have one main lecture stream in which all students are enrolled.

For students to be added to more than one group, you will need to create and manage multiple Group sets. If this is something you need to set up, contact the Canvas Facilitators Team via the IT Portal.

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