Turnitin paper view request

by | May 22, 2018 | Assignments and quizzes, Canvas tips, Marking and grading

Turnitin paper view request from noreply@turnitin.com is a request to access your student’s work that may match another student’s paper. Check the assignment details from Turnitin.com. If the course which the assignment was submitted to dates to 2016 Semester 2 or later, open the assignment from Canvas.

The email will have the following information:

  • the course name
  • title of the paper being requested
  • the date it was submitted

Requests can be made from within the University, or outside the University from any institution that uses the Turnitin repository. All staff users in Canvas who have any one of Teacher/ Teaching Support/ TA roles will receive the email. If you are not the primary teaching staff in the course, consult the appropriate staff member about the request.

Responding to these emails can help investigate potential cases of plagiarism.

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