Managing unsubmitted assignments in gradebook

by | Jun 11, 2018 | Canvas tips, Marking and grading

I have students who have NOT sat their final exam, what should I do in the gradebook? 

  • Do not excuse students from final exams; leave the column blank.
  • This should follow a different process where the student’s grade can be submitted to SSO as they are (most likely a failed grade) or as a DNS via the Final Grade Tool, with paperwork to follow up.

I have students who have NOT submitted or completed their assignments, what should I do in the gradebook? 

  • For unsubmitted assignments – you have the option to leave a dash or hyphen (-) in the gradebook. Use the “Treat Ungraded as Zero” (view-only) function. Enabling this setting shows the total score that has calculated the ungraded assignments as scores of zero. This feature only has a visual impact. Regardless of whether you have enabled or switched off the feature, Canvas will send the grade that has factored in all scores of zero for each student.
  • Alternatively, by giving the student a zero (recommended), the students’ Total in Canvas will match the grade to be sent to the Final Grade Tool.

Unsubmitted assignment marked as ‘ – ‘ only.


Unsubmitted assignment marked as ‘ – ‘ with the ‘Treat ungraded as 0’ feature enabled.


Unsubmitted assignment marked as ‘0.’


Remember – Special grades such as DNS, DNC or NA cannot be applied at this point (they can be entered in the Final Grades Tool). 

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