Your final grades pre-submission checklist

by | Jun 11, 2018 | Canvas tips, Marking and grading

Course settings:

In your course Settings, under the Course Details tab, check that:

  • The correct grading scheme has been enabled. You can choose from one of the official UoA grading scheme or one which has been set by your department.
  • “Hide totals in student grades summary” is ticked (visible when the “more options” link is selected). This will avoid confusion between the provisional Total grade students see in Canvas and the final grade in SSO.

In assignments:

  • Check whether the appropriate weightings and points are applied to each Assignment and Assignment Group. (In Canvas, all assessments are referred to as Assignments, including tests and exams.)
  • If you do not need or want an Assignment to count towards the total, remove it entirely or remove any percentage weighting.

In grades:

  • If marks have been uploaded from external sources such as QuestionMark or imported from CSV files, review these for accuracy.
  • Ensure there are no blank or empty columns.
  • Special grades such as DNS, DNC or NA cannot be entered in Canvas. For the final exam, either enter the actual mark the students have been given or leave it blank. Special grades can be applied in the Final Grades Tool.
  • Any reminders or notes can be made in the Notes column regarding a student’s situation or circumstances. Insert a Notes column via the settings button at the top right of the gradebook.
  • Before you can access the Final Grade Submission Tool, you must unmute all assignments including exam marks (required for publication to SSO). Note: Once unmuted, students can see their final exam marks.

Read more about final grades in Marking and Grading: Final Grades Tool.