Your final grades submission checklist

by | Jun 26, 2018 | Canvas tips, Marking and grading

Follow these steps if you are ready to submit the final grades from your Canvas course to SSO.

  1. Select the Prepare grades for SSO button. You are now entering the Final Grades Tool, a purpose-built University of Auckland tool that sends grades from Canvas to SSO.


  1. In the Student Summary tab, select the Import Gradebook button. Important: If you make any changes in Canvas gradebook after import, you will need to re-import the gradebook into the Final Grades Tool.


  1. Set up any Must Attempt or Must Score criteria. Enabling DNS (Must Attempt) will result in students being awarded a DNS grade when the criteria are met. Enabling Must Score will result in students being awarded D+ grade when the criteria are met.


  1. Return to the Student Summary tab and manually apply special grades (DNC, NA or DNS) to individual students as needed (in the Grade to Submit column).


  1.  Select the Calculate button to calculate final grades.


  1. If there are any alerts on the Check List tab, identify the issue and revise as directed.


  1. In the Course Summary tab, review the grade distribution of the course. Print the Course Summary tab for your records as required.


  1. Coordinate final review/sign-off as required.


  1. Navigate back to the Student Summary tab, select the Submit button.

Note: grades are locked after submission. To make any changes you will need to notify the Examinations and Timetabling Services Office (ETSO).


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