Semester start checklist

by | Jul 11, 2018 | Canvas tips, Course design and development

A.k.a ‘before you publish your course’ checklist: 

1. Have you set-up and selected a home page? By default, Canvas will display the course Modules. We recommend selecting the Syllabus as the course home page. The Syllabus automatically generates information such as course calendar, assignment weighting and course summary of assignments and events.

2. Have you organised the course navigation links? You can hide navigation links to features such as Files and Pages if you have already linked them elsewhere in the course. For a more streamlined course, consider hiding navigation links to features that are unused. Note, links to Course Roster and SCORM are hidden from students even when enabled.

3. Have you created and published assignments? Remember, you can always update the finer details later. Prepare your students for their assessments early on, by making available basic assignment information such as the assignment title, the due date (if known) and the points and weighting.

4. Have you muted the assignments? By default, students can view and be notified of their grades immediately when assignments are graded. Muting assignments hides the grades from the students until they are unmuted (released).

5. Have you enabled a course grading scheme? Enable and select one of the Univerisity of Auckland grading scheme in course settings.

7. Should students be allowed to comment on announcements? This can generate unwanted traffic in course activity notifications. You can disable comments on announcements in course settings.

8. Are the modules or module items published? You can control students’ access to content by publishing/ unpublishing the individual content items or by locking the entire module.

9. Are there any broken links in the course? if you have imported content from another course or from the previous semester, check and update the links. You can verify all external links in the course, by using the Course Link Validator in course settings.

10. How does the course look for students? You can view your course the same way that your students view your course by enabling Student View in course settings.

When you are ready to publish the course, go to the course home page > in the sidebar, click the Publish button.

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