Final Grade Submission Tool – release note

by | Aug 15, 2018 | Canvas updates, Marking and grading, News and events, Release notes

The Final Grade Tool is used to finalise the students’ grades for your course at the end of the teaching term.
Until now, grades for all assignments had to be unmuted to import the grades from the Canvas gradebook to the Final Grade Tool. With the 15 August 2018 release, grades will only need to be unmuted at the final stage, prior to submitting the grades to SSO.

Please note, the grades returned to your students in Canvas may not reflect the final grades submitted to SSO if you have applied special grades or must attempt/ must score rules in the final grade tool.

Steps in submitting final grades from Canvas to SSO using the Final Grade Tool

Important: If you make any changes in Canvas gradebook after import, you will need to re-import the gradebook into the Final Grade Tool.

Read more on Canvas Documentation: