Options in anonymising assignments in Canvas

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  1. How to anonymise assignment submissions in Speedgrader: 

To mark assignments in Canvas without identifying who submitted them, enable the option to Hide Student Names in Speedgrader. This option is applied as a view-only, per-assignment basis. Note, hiding names in SpeedGrader does not affect names in the Gradebook and must be done separately. Learn how to hide student names in the Gradebook.

                                                     HIding student names for an assignment in Speedgrader


2. How to anonymise all assignments in the course:

To have student names hidden by default for all markers in the course, you need to enable Anonymous Grading which is a feature option found in Course Settings. Once enabled, markers cannot view student names for any assignment in Speedgrader. If necessary, you can still disable the option on a per-assignment basis by editing the assignment and deselecting the checkbox for Anonymous Grading. If you are in a team-teaching environment, we recommend that you consult your co-markers and teaching staff before enabling this option.

               Hiding student names for all assignments through anonymous grading is a course feature option


                                           Disabling anonymous grading for an assignment


3. How to anonymise feedback in Speedgrader:

To prevent students from seeing the maker’s name on annotations and comments in Speedgrader, enable the Anonymous Instructor Annotations option from the edit assignment page. This option is also applied on a per-assignment basis. Note:

  • Anonymous Instructor Annotations only apply to comments made after the option is enabled.
  • Anonymous Instructor Annotations do not currently apply to comments or annotations made while using a mobile device.

Hiding the markers’ names for an assignment


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