Structure your course content with modules

by | Feb 25, 2019 | Canvas tips, Get started with Canvas

The Canvas facilitators have been running Canvas workshops over the last few weeks and feedback from participants indicates that “Modules” are an area of confusion for some. Specifically – What are Modules? How should they be used? How should they be structured? Part of the confusion stems from the fact that Modules as a term in Canvas is used slightly differently than Modules in the context of University of Auckland courses.

In Canvas, a Module is simply a grouping of content – think of it like a big file folder.  You can put content into these files (Modules) for your students to access – Content can include: discussions, pages, assignments, lecture recordings, quizzes, and links to useful learning material

Modules provide structure to your course and can be arranged by theme, by week, or by lecture. Modules impact on how easily your students can navigate the course so it’s worth putting some initial thought into how you structure Modules in your course to provide a good flow of content.

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