Create Outcomes and align them with Rubrics

by | Aug 15, 2019 | Assignments and quizzes, Canvas updates, Marking and grading

Rubrics help students understand assignment expectations and how their assignments will be graded. It is also possible to create outcomes and align these with rubrics for additional assessment and to measure mastery or performance.

Create your outcomes.
  • Click on Outcomes in the Course navigation menu.

  • Click on +Outcome

  • Give your outcome a name and add a description if wished.

  • Set criterion ratings.

  • Set Mastery level and calculation method. Setting a threshold allows you to see how students are meeting outcomes.

Add outcomes to rubrics
  • Either click on Manage Rubrics on the Outcomes page or click on an individual assignment and click on +Rubric.
  • Click on Find outcome.

  • Click on the outcome you wish to find.

  • Click on Import
  • Click on Create rubric

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