New Gradebook – Action required for Summer School courses

by | Jan 9, 2020 | Canvas updates, Marking and grading

New Gradebook Settings – Posting Policy

By default, courses in the new gradebook have an automatic posting policy which means assignment grades are visible to students as soon as grades are entered in the gradebook or submitted in SpeedGrader.

To ensure grades are hidden until posted, change the Grade Posting Policy to be updated to Manual in Gradebook settings:

Gradebook settings

Note: If quizzes are used in the course these can be individually updated to release grades automatically so students receive immediate feedback.


Treat Ungraded as Zero

To ensure assignment grades are calculated correctly for missed assignments then a missing submissions policy should be applied which sets grade percentage as 0%:


>> View the Quick Guide here: New Gradebook – Quick Guide


Importing assignments from past terms

When importing past courses which were using the old gradebook the default automatic posting grade policy (“unmuted”) is applied. It is recommended to check the grading policies are correct after importing any assignments.


New Gradebook Post Policies Icons and Indicators

Instructure have updated the iconography related to Post Polices in response to feedback from instructors. These changes are intended to more clearly convey what grades are visible to students.

If an instructor sets up an assignment to use a Manual Post Policy (in which grades are hidden from students until posted), the word Manual will appear underneath the assignment title. If the assignment is set to the Automatic Post Policy (in which grades are visible to students immediately when entered), no text will appear underneath the assignment title.

Automatic vs Manual Posting

If an instructor has changed the Posting Policy to Manual for the assignment, additional icons are available to help identify the state of entered grades.

If one or more entered grades are hidden from students, a slashed eye icon will appear next to the assignment title. To get further detail on which grades are hidden, hit the three vertical dots (1) followed by Post Grades (2). The orange dots (3) indicate hidden grades. Grades that are visible will have no dot. The number of grades currently hidden is indicated in the detail tray (4). You can safely choose to Post Grades from this tray or Close it to return later.

Posting Grades


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