Lindsay Diggelmann (Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning – Faculty of Arts) has set up a series of useful little “how to” videos on various aspects of Canvas.   He has kindly made these available to all staff.

If you are new to Canvas, or need a refresher, we recommend you take a look at these. They not only highlight the benefits of particular Canvas elements but also explain, in simple terms, how to set these up.  


Everything you need to know about submission, and marking in Speedgrader.


Lindsay outlines the benefits of Rubrics and how to set these up in Canvas.

Quizzes and Surveys

Quizzes and surveys can help teachers to: assess learning, monitor overall class progress, provide feedback, and reduce marking. They also provide practice opportunities for students, as well as a way for them to provide feedback about their course and learning. Lindsay provides an overview of different quiz and survey types available and how to create these.

Canvas basics for new GTAS

Lindsay outlines GTA roles, permissions and key functions in Canvas.

Digital Course Outlines

Lindsay outlines the benefits of Digital Course outlines and how to complete these.