Managing students affected by the travel ban

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Canvas updates, Communication and collaboration, News and events

The Government’s entry ban on all foreign nationals travelling into NZ from, or via, mainland China has significant implications for many of our new and returning students who have been prevented from arriving on campus in time for the start of Semester One. In order to provide continuity of learning for as many affected students as possible a programme of work is underway to provide strategies to manage students’ study plans from a distance.

The University is working with the affected students through a revised study plan and for the purposes of this website we are calling those affected “Study Plan” students. 

The University has enlisted members of the Learning Design Service as a ‘rapid response team’ who are collaborating with Faculty Delegates to offer strategies for the continuation of teaching to affected students. 

The Study Plan guidance resource site was created to provide support for course conveners to design and deliver alternative learning and assessment strategies for students who are unable to attend courses on-campus in the early weeks of Semester One 2020. 

If you have any questions or require any help, please seek guidance from your colleagues and advice from subject matter experts and Faculty Delegate(s). 

The latest updates from the University can be found on the  Coronavirus outbreak page. 

Study Plan FAQs has useful questions and answers on the Study Plans.

Your patience is appreciated while we navigate this difficult situation.