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by | Mar 12, 2020 | Canvas updates

New Canvas features will be available from the 21 March 2020. These include:

  • Auto-save in the Rich Content Editor
  • The visibility of course summary in Syllabus
  • New plagiarism icons.
  • Re-upload submission status


Auto Save will be enabled in the Rich Content editor.

auto save in Rich Content Editor

From the Canvas Release Notes

When a user enters content in a Rich Content Editor window, the editor automatically saves the content for up to one hour. If the user navigates away from the page or another situation occurs where the user revisits the page within one hour, Canvas will notify the user if any saved content is different from the existing content. The user can preview the autosaved content and select the Yes button to load the autosaved content. Selecting the No button will discard the autosaved content.”

Syllabus Page options

The Syllabus page will include an option to remove the Course Summary section.

 show course summary in syllabus

Plagiarism icons

You will see new plagiarism icons displayed in the Gradebook, SpeedGrader, and the student Grades page.

 Plagiarism icons

The Gradebook export CSV file matches the order of assignments displayed in the Assignments page.

Re-Upload Submissions Status Page

The status of re-uploaded assignment files is managed in the background, no longer requiring the uploader to wait for the files confirmation page. After downloaded files are re-uploaded to Canvas via a zip file, a status page notifies the user that the files are processing.

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