Seeing 0 mark or late penalty applied to Final Assessments? Check Late Policies first

by | Jul 5, 2020 | Canvas updates

The Late Policies set in Canvas GradeBook apply to all the file upload assignments and graded quizzes including Final Assessments. If you see a score (e.g. 0 point) or penalty applied to Final Assessment submissions, please check if any Late Policies have been automatically applied.

You can identify the submissions with a missing or late status in GradeBook based on the colours. For example,

  1. Blue: Late submission
  2. Red: Missing submission
  3. Green: Resubmitted assignment
  4. Orange: Dropped grade
  5. Yellow: Excused assignment

To remove the late policy for an assignment change the submission status to none.

If a submission is missing but has a grade applied then the DNS (must Attempt) rule in Final Grades Tool (FGT) will not apply to that submission, To resolve this you can remove the auto-entered score (e.g. a 0 in the screenshot below) and return it back to blank. Alternatively, you can manually change grades to DNS in the student summary tab of FGT. 


Before Submitting Final Grades we recommend to check DNS grades have been applied by filtering on DNS submissions in Final Grades Tool.