Zoom meetings in Canvas courses, Calendar and Inbox

by | Sep 2, 2020 | Canvas updates

Zoom had been enabled in Canvas courses since June this year. Teachers can create Zoom meetings in a Canvas course. Students and teachers can find their upcoming and previous meetings from a Zoom tab in course navigation menu. From late August, it has been even easier to overview all the Zoom meetings in the courses a teacher or a student have access to, and be notified with Zoom meeting details.

Once a new Zoom meeting is scheduled in a Canvas course, the meeting will be added to Canvas Calendar. For example, as shown in the screenshot below, “Canvas drop-ins: Digital Assessments” with its Zoom link has been added to every Monday in September. If a user has access to multiple courses, all the Zoom meetings scheduled in those courses are shown in the user’s Canvas Calendar. 

A message with Zoom meeting details will be sent to students’ and staff’s Canvas Inbox. A notification email will also be sent to everyone who turned on “Conversation message” in their notification preferences.

All staff in the Canvas course will be added as alternative hosts. Editing alternative hosts is not available in Canvas yet. The Zoom meetings created in Canvas are saved in Zoom web portal, where a meeting host can remove / add alternative hosts.