Zoom security: Pre-meeting and in-meeting options

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Canvas updates

Zoom offers multiple options for enhancing online meeting security. The requirements for entering a meeting can be set prior to a meeting, and participation options can be switched on / off in a meeting.

As a teacher, you can schedule and share a Zoom meeting in your Canvas courses. The security options, “Passcode” and “Waiting Room”, are enabled by default. They can prevent unknown guests from entering your meeting rooms. 

Registration can also be required for entering a Zoom meeting. Guests with approved registration will be able to join your Zoom meeting. 

The Registration and security options are also available when staff schedule a Zoom meeting from the web portal or Zoom App

During a Zoom meeting, a meeting host and co-host have access to in-meeting security options to customise the ways of participation, e.g. allowing sending messages in Chat. 

A meeting room can be locked when all the anticipated participants have joined. Host and co-host can also remove a participant(s) from a meeting when it is necessary.