Semester 2 2020 COVID Grade Scheme will be applied in Final Grades Tool

by | Nov 10, 2020 | Canvas updates

The Semester 2 2020 COVID Grading Scheme will be automatically applied to your submitted final grades in Final Grades Tool (FGT). Thanks to our Connect development team. 

The COVID grading scheme will apply the scaling of final grades as per the revised compassionate consideration approach for Semester 2 2020. The grades will be rounded up to 50 (pass) if students achieve a result between 46.5 inclusive and 50.

You can set the pass mark for exams as a Must Score criterion in the FGT. Please note that the pass mark for Semester 2 2020 exams is 46.5 instead of 50. The COVID Grade scheme won’t be applied to the students failed the criteria set in FGT.

For consistency all courses should use the UoA 0.5 Rounding grading scheme this semester. Courses which use UoA Pass / Fail or CPL/DNC grading schemes will not be affected.

Once submitted you will see a difference between the final grades in Canvas Gradebook and the grades submitted to SSO. 

If you need help, please join our online drop-in sessions every Monday morning from 2 pm to 3 pm in November or contact Staff Service Centre by emailing to