Remote students in Canvas

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Canvas updates

Remote students enrolled from different geographical locations will be allocated to different Canvas sections by our central team. These sections are:

  • China Learning Centre – North Forestry University or (NF)
  • China Learning Centre – Southwest University (SW)
  • China Learning Centre – Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NJ)
  • International Students who are overseas and enrolled online (Offshore Online – OO)
  • Domestic students who are overseas and enrolled online (NZ Online – NO)
  • Domestic students who are medically approved to study remotely (NZ)

On campus students will continue to be allocated to the standard sections, e.g. L01C is created for the students who will be taught in city campus.

You can view the sections in your course settings. Here is an example:

sections in canvas

Screenshot of Canvas settings page showing the number of students enrolled within various sections.


Please refer to the Remote Learning site for guidance on managing remote students within your course. If staff become aware of changes to students location (e.g. moving from campus to overseas) please notify Records & Enrolment & Fees (REF) team (