View ungraded as zero in Grades

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Canvas updates

View Ungraded as Zero has recently been enabled in our Canvas courses. You can find the option under ‘View’ in Canvas Grades. Once the option is ticked, “Ungraded as 0” will display in the headings of assignment group columns and the total column. Please see an example in the screenshot below.

view ungraded as 0

View ungraded as 0

When the option is ticked, the assignment groups and total columns will display grades as if all ungraded assignments were given a score of zero. Only the instructor who enabled the option will see the affected grades. Please note that: 

  • Each time the option is ticked, a pop-up window will show the details about the option. 
  • The option won’t populate zeros in assignments or affect grades for students.
  • Other instructors in the course will not see any change in their view of the GradeBook.