Comment Library in SpeedGrader for instructors

by | Jun 29, 2021 | Canvas updates

Teachers and teacher-based roles (e.g. Teaching support and TA) can add comments to students’ submissions in SpeedGrader. Comment Library has recently been enabled in SpeedGrader. Graders can save frequently used comments and reuse them across submissions and in multiple assignments. To add, edit and save comments,

    1. Click on the iconin SpeedGrader, Comment in SpeedGrader
    2. Write comment then click the Add to Library button. Adding comments to Comment Library
    3. You can edit, delete your saved comments.edit comments
    4. You can also turn on the option “Show suggestions when typing”.

comment suggestions


Please note that comments are saved per user regardless of course, i.e., a user can reuse saved comments in multiple courses. But the saved comments cannot be shared between users at the moment.

Know more about Comment Library from the video below: 

And we will talk about it in our Digital Assessment workshops in July.