On-campus lecture recordings from May 2022

by | Apr 14, 2022 | Canvas updates

Teaching returns to campus after mid-semester break on 2nd May 2022. Scheduled lecture theatre recordings will be processed and uploaded to Panopto automatically.

The recordings will be available from the Panopto Video tab in the Canvas course.

  • Lecture recordings will automatically be uploaded to Panopto course folder and are listed in the Panopto Video tab in Canvas
  • All lecture recordings will have 24 hour publishing delay if editing is required, after 24 hours they will be available for students to view
  • Teaching staff can Edit the recording or Publish immediately. If more time is needed for editing the Availability date can be changed for the recording


Concurrent courses

  • Concurrent courses use the same lecture content but are separate courses in Canvas (not cross-listed)
  • Each concurrent course will receive a copy of the lecture recording
  • Any edits will need to be made to both recordings


  • Courses with exemptions to Lecture Capture policy will not be published automatically to students in the course
  • They can be viewed by teaching staff in the course and may be published if relevant

Further support and information is available in our Panopto Support Course.

More information about Lecture Theatre Recordings (LTR) and Panopto: