Turnitin in Canvas assignments: External tool and plagiarism framework

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Canvas updates

Turnitin is integrated with Canvas. There are two ways for teachers to enable Turnitin plagiarism checking in a Canvas assignment: Using Turnitin as an external tool (LTI) or a plagiarism framework.

Turnitin as an external tool

Teachers can choose Turnitin as an external tool in the submission type. Originality check (similarity reports) will be available after students submitted their assignments. Teachers will also have access to the Turnitin online grading tools.

Turnitin external tool

Using Turnitin as external tool (LTI tool)

Selecting Turnitin

Selecting Turnitin from a list

Turnitin as a plagiarism framework

You can also enable a light version of Turnitin in a Canvas assignment – Plagiarism review. Turnitin will check originality and provide similarity reports. But the Turnitin online grading tools, e.g., GradeMark or QuickMarks, are not available with this option.

Choosing file upload as an online submission type

Choosing file uploads as an online submission type

Enabling plagiarism framework

Enabling plagiarism framework

A full comparison between using Turnitin as an external tool and plagiarism framework is available at Turnitin help