Panopto updates: Instant video edit and caption editing improvements

by | Jun 29, 2022 | Canvas updates

Panopto released new features this month. Teachers may find the improvements on creation and accessibility helpful. For example:

Instant (video) edit

The video creators can edit videos in Panopto. It used to take a while to apply the changes, but it will be lightning-fast – just seconds after completing the edits. You can read more about how to use Panopto, e.g., editing video and reviewing captions, in our Panopto Support course.

Caption editing

You can now find and replace (all) instances of an incorrectly transcribed word when editing closed captions. You can also specify both a start time and an end time of closed captions.

Editing caption - Find and replace

Editing caption – Find and replace

Caption start time end time

Adding a start time and an end time to a closed caption

Note: there is a minor bug which mutes the video audio when the letter ‘m’ is typed in the caption editor. It should be fixed by Panopto soon.

Please submit a request if you have any enquires about Panopto at the University of Auckland.