Piazza integration in Canvas – Enrollment will be automated

by | Jun 29, 2022 | Canvas updates

Piazza provides a flexible approach to student-centered discourse and is available in all Canvas courses. Teachers need to manually enroll students and instructors, but the process will be automated with the updated integration – LTI 1.3.

Both the Piazza old LTI and the new LTI will be enabled in Canvas course menu. Teachers can disable the link(s), i.e., Piazza, Piazza LTI 1.3 or both in course settings. If you would like to use Piazza, we recommend:

Piazza LTI 1.3

Piazza LTI and LTI 1.3 in Canvas course menu

  • For the 2022 full year courses and the courses started using Piazza in Quarter three, please keep the Piazza link and disable the Piazza LTI 1.3 link. This will allow your students to keep using the existing Piazza.
  • For the new courses in Semester 2 and Quarter four, please keep the Piazza LTI 1.3 and disable the Piazza link. You will be able to enable the automatic roster sync to enroll students and instructors to Piazza automatically.
Automatic Roster Sync

Piazza LTI 1.3 Automatic Roster Sync

The old Piazza LTI will be removed at the end of 2022.