is migrating to TeachWell – Our new home for T&L

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Canvas updates

Our Canvas website ( will have a new home TeachWell early this year. The essential content will be migrated to TeachWell. The upcoming Canvas and teaching technology events and feature updates will also be posted at TeachWell.




  1. When will the TeachWell website be available? February 2023. Remote Learning website will also be migrated to TeachWell.
  2. Will the migrated content be searchable at TeachWell? Yes. All content will be searchable at TeachWell.
  3. What if I visit after TeachWell is launched? You will be redirected to the Teachwell website after semester one has started.
  4. Can I still subscribe to the newsletter? Yes, you will still receive newsletters if you subscribed to the Canvas newsletter. You can also start to subscribe on our TeachWell website.

If you have any suggestions for the content or migration from to the TeachWell website, please email: