Useful Canvas guides for teachers and students in Semester One 2023

by | Feb 28, 2023 | Canvas updates

We have some video guides and instructions for you and your students. They can be useful for getting started with Canvas in the new Semester.

A walkthrough video of Canvas for teachers

This Canvas introductory video includes the topics:

  • Communicating with students
  • Features of the rich text editor
  • Using student groups
  • Publishing Pages and Modules

Student guide

Our Canvas Student Guide lists the essential knowledge and skills students need to study on Canvas. The basics of Canvas, e.g., what is Canvas and how to access it, are included in the guide with links to step-by-step instructions. Four sections in the student guide are:

You can promote the student guide by the first week of classes. 

Cross-listing courses

Year-long courses and courses with different codes but with the same content are potential candidates for cross-listing. Cross-listing means you that you will be able to edit the content of multiple courses in only one course. We strongly recommend that you get your courses cross-listed before you start the course setup. Once students submit an assignment, we will no longer be able to perform the cross-listing.

Once you have made your decision, please request the cross-listing of your courses via our Staff Service Centre (SSC) Portal.

Read more on the Resources page:

More tips

  • Course Access Coordinators (CACs) can add instructors (teachers, TAs, teaching support, etc.) to Canvas courses. But CACs cannot edit or add content. CACs can also add themselves to a course as a teacher or a teaching support.
  • Our UoA Tutoring Central is a home for tutor training and professional development resources. It includes modules on aspects of the tutoring role, resources collated from within and outside the University, including links to Faculty tutor training pages, and spaces for tutors to connect and discuss.
  • If you will teach or support a course in the new semester / quarter, but don’t see the course on your Canvas dashboard, please request access to a specific Canvas course via our SSC Portal.
  • Instructors can validate links in a course using the link validator.