Self-help guides for course design and delivery

Sourced from Canvas Community and the University of Auckland Canvas Facilitator Team

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Course types and access

Understand Canvas administration at the University of Auckland


Review course and user settings and access Canvas Commons

Course design and development

Structure and add content to your course

Communication and collaboration

Promote student engagement in your course

Assignments and quizzes

Create and manage graded and ungraded assessments

Marking and grading

Mark and grade assessments online

Learning analytics and LTI tools

Understand Canvas learning analytics and LTI tools in use at the University of Auckland

Canvas Community

The official Canvas support site. Find answers to your Canvas questions and get the instructor, admin and student guides.

University knowledgebase

Search our knowledgebase for answers to common Canvas questions.

Canvas app for students and teachers

View content and modules, engage in discussions, check notifications, watch videos, take quizzes and submit assignments.

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