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Digital Course Outline

A new University website is being created to provide new and existing students with more detailed and timely information to assist in their selection of courses. The goal of this project is to ensure the University provides a reliable and searchable source for key course information. The URL link to the Digital Course Outline website is 

On this webpage you will find information related to

  • how the system works,
  • user guides and videos,
  • support and workshops.

The first phase of this project is complete with Summer School and Quarter One 2020 included in a pilot to create new digital course outlines using the template developed for each Faculty.

With the assistance of the Deans and Associate Deans, template has been created for each Faculty.

The process for staff and students is shown in the diagram below:

Digital course outline process

Please see below for the roles and permissions associated with this system:


The Course Director will be the default editor to populate the online form in each course and can add other staff to assist with the process. Some of the form will be pre-populated (from University Calendar), while other fields will require input. When the Editors in a course are ready, they can submit the form for approval.



The relevant Academic Head or their delegate will approve the information for each course and can request revisions as required. 



The Associate Dean (or delegate) will publish the courses and can track the Faculty’s progress in preparing the course outlines using the ‘Dashboard’.


Group Services

Group Services can view progress of the faculty or department using the ‘Dashboard’ Group Services staff can also add editors and update Course Director and Programme details for course outlines.

There is also a report function available to Group Services to generate a report summary of all courses.





If you are facing technical issues please raise a ticked with Staff Service Centre on ext: 86000 or 09 9236000 or log a ticket on staff portal.